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Don’t waste $10K, $20K, $30K+ in high commissions and fees. It just doesn’t make sense. I charge 1% LISTING FEE and 2 to 2.5% SELLING FEE …Call or email for other fee structures.

I have 40 years of experience and the only difference between me or another Broker are my decades of knowledge, negotiating skills to close the deal and get you the highest price possible and follow up from start to finish. I’m a professional closer and have been trained by the best in the industry.

I will give you the truth with no nonsense, fluff or buff.

Your home will sell itself if it fits the Buyer. Fancy brochures, ad inquiry tracking software, elaborate laptop presentations, over-head photos, charts, graphs or a broker with a team of 200+ agents working on the sale of your home (Nonsense if you hear that one) are not what sells your property.These tactics are a smoke screen to charge high Listing Fees.The truth is that most likely your home will not be sold by the listing agent, but it will be a co-broke, through the MLS. This happens approximately 87% of the time.

Let’s talk for 10 minutes in person and you should be able to sense I am for real. I’m laid back, very easy going and have a good sense of humor, If you pay 4 or 5 or 6%, you are being played for thousands of dollars.

When you List your property with me, I will do the following:

#1) Input your property into the Multiple Listing Service database, which will expose your property to every real estate agent in the area. If these agents have a client for your home, they will work directly through me and if their client buys the property I pay them out of my commission. All listings include multiple photos at no extra cost.

#2) I provide a “For Sale” sign and place it on the property, as well as directional signs from major intersections to the property.

#3 The property will appear on many sites on the internet. There is no “up front” fee at all. I absorb all the cost for the ads!

#4) Your property will also be featured on my website with a total description and multiple color photos.

#5) When I sell your home I charge 2%, even if it is a co-broke.

#6) I will run open houses if you want, but the truth is that open houses are for an agent to get Buyers and not to sell your home. I prepare color flyers.

If you have any questions regarding selling, renting or buying, please give me a call at (425) 605-2627 or email me at . .

Note: All offers on this website are subject to Broker and Owner agreeing to terms.